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The Back Roads of Ukraine

Ukraine is a land of endless possibilities waiting for its moment in
time to come. Six years ago I decided to put my life into two suitcases
and along with my trusty cat Pepper John flew across the pond from
America to Kyiv in early March 2004. This was my second trip to Kyiv in
6 months to meet my future bride at the airport. We had met on an
Internet web site and corresponded over a 4 year period before meeting.
We married 4 months later in July.

I didn’t take my wife back to America. We stayed in Ukraine to make our
home. Her friends are still mystified why I chose to stay and even more
surprised that I still can’t speak the language after 6 years. Hey, I am
an instructor of English at an IT company. All my students speak
English. I only know one other American here. I didn’t come to Ukraine
to be surrounded by other Americans. I came to enjoy my life’s second

I enjoy living here because of the opportunity to go wondering along
Ukraine’s back roads to discover and explore its many hidden treasures
and see the real Ukraine up close. I invite you to come along on my
life’s second adventure.