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Ukrainian Gingerbread Ornaments From Ternopil

Ukrainian Gingerbread Ornaments

Gingerbread is a traditional German Christmas treat. While Germany may be the gingerbread capital of the world, Ukraine also has its own gingerbread treats for Christmas, not to eat, but to decorate their Christmas Trees. Ukrainian Gingerbread Ornaments are made at an ethnography workshop in Ternopil, in western Ukraine. Their gingerbread ornaments are in the form of stars, animal, hearts, and doves.

Ukrainian Octagonal Star Ornament Carolers
Ukrainian Octagonal Star Ornament Carolers

Each ornament is hand-sewn from natural cotton fabric, filled with light hypoallergenic padded polyester. The natural fabric is first soaked in a solution of coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla, giving its natural aroma and brown colored background.

Ukrainian Ethnic paintings are hand painted over the brown background with Italian acrylic paints. The natural smell of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla will last nearly a half a year.

Visit our web site at Ukrainian Gingerbread Ornaments  or see you in Philadelphia at Yolkstar Booth #26 at Philadelphia Christmas Village

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Amigurumi And More Stuffed Knitted Animals And Dolls From Ukraine


Are you wanting something cute that will appeal to children and adults alike?  This past summer while traveling the backroads of Ukraine we met an artisan who was creating cute stuff animals and anthropomorphic creatures called Amigurumi.  Amigurumi has become quite popular around the world since 2000  and has found its way to Ukraine from Japan.

The name is derived from the Japanese words “ami” meaning crocheted or knitted and “nuigurumi” meaning stuffed doll. Amigurumi combines both crocheting and  knitting stitches to create small stuffed animals and other characters with larger heads than bodies. Their childlike appearance is accented by large bright eyes placed low on the face, while their undersized cylindrical bodies giving the art form its cuteness.  There is no limit to size and range of this art form that uses both  human and to non human characteristics.

At Toys and Dolls

you also can find new eco-friendly stuffed knitted animals and dolls from Ukrainian company Freia.

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Ukrainian Carpathian Carved Wooden Boxes New Collection 2016

Ukrainian Carpathian Carved Wooden Boxes New Collection

Ukrainian Carpathian Carved Wooden Boxes New Collection 2016

Our new collection of handmade decorative carved wooden boxes from Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains have arrived in Denver and is available at our e-shop.

We invite you to see for yourself the many different kinds of boxes we discovered this past spring and summer while traveling Ukraine to meet many talented artisans and see the variety of their handcrafted products.

When you buy a product from Yolkstar, you are supporting the livelihood of artisans in a positive way. You are buying a quality heirloom. that keeping on giving year after year.  One made from all natural materials.  Not mass produced on an assemble line. A treasured keepsake that tells a story of its artist’s inner character.  An indelible spirit that continues to keep alive traditions that have been passed down from one generation to the next by bonding and living in harmony with nature.

Come and explore our many collectibles!  Imagine all the possibilities these decorative carved wooden boxes could be used: for Jewelry, playing cards. cigar humidors, sewing, spare change, pills, recipes, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, rosaries. The uses are endless. Select the one that is right for your needs or as a gift for someone else to enjoy.

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Christian Gifts From Ukraine and Russia in Denver, CO

Christian Gifts from Ukraine and Russia

You can now buy Christian Gifts From Ukraine and Russia supplied by Yolkstar at the House of Carmel .

Yolkstar is proud to announced its association with House of Carmel, a Christian gift store, that has been doing business for 42 years in the Denver metro area.

House of Carmel was established in 1974 by Arvada resident, Carol Mally as a means to keep busy and a desire to share her deep religious values. The store is named in honor of “Our Lady of Mt. Carmel because of the many blessings that have been bestowed Carol and her husband, who are both 3rd order Carmelites, and their family.

Store location

7331 W. 44th Ave.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Store hours

Monday-Friday 9:30-5:00
Saturday 9:30-4:00