Ukrainian Decorative Wooden Nesting Dolls Matryoshka

Ukrainian Decorative Wooden Nesting Dolls

History and Meaning of Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

More then hundred years ago wooden toy figurine of a wise bald old man of Fukurumu from Japan was delivered to an art workshop near Moscow. The doll revealed more figures of stacking dolls inside one into another. Wood masters were impressed and have decided to make similar wooden doll with Russian character and pleasant look. So they took an image of young girl named Matryona as a model and her name was changed to Matryoshka as a diminutive form of Russian female first name “Matryona”.

This is how the Russian nesting doll Matryoshka was born. First nesting doll consisted of eight figures. It represented the girl in a scarf and a sundress, with a black rooster in her hands. In 1900 this set was presented to the Exposition Universelle in Paris, France, where it received a bronze medal. Toy became very popular in short time and not loosing its popularity even nowadays.

Russian Nesting Dolls Production

Wooden nesting dolls still hand done same way as before. Each set of wooden dolls turned individually from one peace of wood so they fit perfectly one inside the other. Dry seasoned linden wood is used to produce traditional Russian matryoshka dolls and doll masters keep an eye on quality of the wood to guarantee it will not crack with years.

Blank sets of wooden dolls supplied to artistic workshops where applied painters create images that we like to be present in our lives with magic of their talents. The best sets of dolls will tell you the story of their live with painting done in the same style and color scheme. After painting is finished each matryoshka doll is covered with few layers of lacquer to preserve painting from damage to be enjoyed by generations of admirers.

Ukrainian Decorative Wooden Nesting Dolls

Wooden nesting dolls are story tellers. Authentic Ukrainian decorative wooden nesting dolls will tell you traditional Ukrainian folk life stories about harvesting, holiday celebration, everyday family life in different seasons like winter scenes or beautiful summer landscapes, significant events of family life like birth of their children, Cossacks going to the service and leaving their loved ones, religious aspects of life.

Ukrainian Nesting Doll Folk Life Miniature Painted 5-pc 200402
Ukrainian Nesting Doll Folk Life Miniature Painted 5-pc 200402

You can find various products suitable to the purpose of your search from simple dolls made to be a toy for toddler to collectible authentic Ukrainian nesting dolls – story tellers painted by well known artists to be displayed as peaces of art.